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This page is set up for you to help us have a great show on our November 2011 tour of Europe. Below you will find a short bio, a few songs to stream, current promotional pictures, and a European tour poster. Please feel free to use any and all of this information to help promote the show. Thanks!

Gods And Queens
Started in 2008 as what was supposed to be a solo project for guitarist Jamie Getz, Gods And Queens evolved into a fully functioning band. Recording and releasing an LP on Robotic Empire (US) & Adagio830 (Europe) before they played a single show, Gods And Queens made no bones about the influence and directions they wanted to go. The reference of mid 1990’s bands such as Lungfish, Unwound, June Of 44, Rodan, and Hoover have been a mainstay in the band’s catalog of music.

The core line up of guitarist/vocalist Jamie Getz and bassist Ben Roysdon has been riddled with various drummers and an unwillingness to let that slow them down. Completing 3 European tours and releasing 1 LP, and 2 EP’s Gods And Queens continue to evolve in their small path in the musical world. The band’s live shows have ranged from drunken ramblings that never end, to no crowd interaction or talking of any kind. Sometimes playing for upwards of an hour, banging out cover songs from Husker Du, and The Big Boys, or playing 11 songs in 20 minutes without stopping. Gods And Queens has proven unpredictable, and a slight enigma to people who have latched onto the band.

Streaming Audio:
Gods And Queens Bandcamp Page – For streaming Untitled 1: LP 1, Untitled 2: EP 1, Untitled 3: EP 2.

Web Related:
Gods And Queens Web Site
Gods And Queens on Facebook
Gods And Queens on Twitter
Gods And Queens on Bandcamp

Label Information:
Robotic Empire (USA)
Adagio830 (DE)
Sons Of Vesta (IT)

Dave at Earsplit
Earsplit Publicity

Web Clips:
Feature Video for Untitled 15 By: Ryan Navazio
Feature Video for Untitled 8 By: James Ravelle
Untitled 14 Audio Video Clip
Untitled 15 Audio Video Clip
Untitled 16 Audio Video Clip
Untitled 17 Audio Video Clip
Full Set from The Barbary in Philadelphia, PA, March of 2010 tour with Blacklisted

European Tour November 2011:
Wed, Nov 9 7:00 pm La Miroiterie Paris, France
Thu, Nov 10 7:00 pm Le Bar des Capucins Lyon, France
Fri, Nov 11 7:00 pm Edoné Bergamo, Italy
Sat, Nov 12 7:00 pm Arci Valverde Forli, Italy
Sun, Nov 13 7:00 pm Borederline Pisa, Italy
Mon, Nov 14 Off
Tues, Nov 15 8:00 pm Venue TBA Koper, Slovenia
Wed, Nov 16 1:00 pm Radio Student FM 89,3 (Jamie Solo/Acoustic) Ljublijana, Slovenia *VERY EARLY RADIO SHOW*
Wed, Nov 16 7:00 pm Pekarna, Dvorana Gustaf Maribor, Slovenia
Thu, Nov 17 7:00 pm Menza Pri Koritu Ljubljana, Slovenia
Fri, Nov 18 7:00 pm Medika Zagreb, Croatia
Sat, Nov 19 7:00 pm Kino Bosna Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovnia
Sun, Nov 20 Off
Mon, Nov 21 7:00 pm Venue TBA Split, Croatia
Tue, Nov 22 7:00 pm Széfra Budapest, Hungary
Weds, Nov 23 Venue TBA, Vienna, Austria
Thurs, Nov 24 8:00 pm SUB, Graz, Austria
Fri, Nov 25 7:00 pm AZ Conni Dresden, Germany
Sat, Nov 26 3:00 pm Saechsischer Bahnhof Gera, Germany
Sun, Nov 27 3:00 pm Schokoladen Berlin, Germany *Early Show*
Mon, Nov 28 7:00 pm Exhaus Trier, Germany
Tue, Nov 29 7:00 pm Waldmeister Solingen, Germany
Wed, Nov 30 7:00 pm AZ Aachen, Germany
Thu, Dec 1 7:00 pm De Onderbroek Nijmegen, Netherlands
Fri, Dec 2 9:00 pm Secret Spot Oostende, Belgium
Sat, Dec 3 8:00 pm Vera Groningen, Netherlands *FREE SHOW*
Sun, Dec 4 3:00 pm ACU Utrecht, Netherlands *EARLY SHOW*

European Tour Poster:

(Please Credit All Photos: Tiffany Yoon)
Gods And Queens
Gods And Queens
Gods And Queens


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