One last time. Thanks.

I hate writing things via the Internet because they can always be misconstrued in a thousand different ways.  I have been writing and rewriting this diatribe of how I am going to thank everyone in the most clever and honest way possible but, everything just seems corny and comes out wrong.  So we are gonna cut to the chase.
We want to say thank you to every person, record label, web site, publicist, concert organisation, booking agent, band, and friend that has kicked over a few dollars to help us out.  Without this help, we honestly would be so fucked it would be stupid.  (You ever try getting from Teplice in the Czech to Amsterdam with half a van full of broke ass gear, bags, and a man with a broken collarbone on painkillers?  It stops being fun really quick, and gets stupid expensive even quicker.)  I’m certain that the fiscal repercussions of this event will resonate throughout the three of us for months to come, that’s OK though.  We choose to do this with out lives and we take accountability for what we do, but I gotta say, no one ever really thinks that they are going to roll over in a van on the way to the next show, so you never really plan on that being budgeted into your daily expenses on tour.  With the overwhelming amount of support and help we’ve gotten it really cushions the blow.  Again, thank you.  That’s all we can really say, it just thank you.  That’s it. Thank you.
On the flip side Jeff will be back in action in about 5 or 6 weeks, and I am going to start to book some shows for January starting tomorrow when we get home.  Europe…I said it before, it may be a bit before we come back there, but now I really feel like we have unfinished business with you. 

2 Responses to “One last time. Thanks.”

  1. Andy Nelson Says:

    God, why do you always have to be such an asshole?

  2. Lisa Soderberg Says:

    I just learned three new words in english, that’s cool

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