Well, we all feel sort of corny and helpless here but we all want to thank everyone who purchased the ep in the past day or donated to help us get a leg up. This tour was going so smooth too. We were playing in nice venues, dealing with nice people (even the ones who thought we sucked for some strange reason HI ROK HOW ARE YOU MAN!) Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, France, Italy, and Slovenia were all very nice to us. So nice that we were just losing our minds of some of these places. Everyone was bending over backwards to help us out on this tour and people were super excited to have us in their town or city. For that we thank you, and hope you will all have us back in the near future.

Ben and Gertjan are on their way back to Belgium, with the help of Bjourn, who drove all the way from Ghent at the drop of a hat to come get us. Myself, Jeff and Sarah are still here in Dresden until Jeff gets a green light from the Dr´s here to say he can leave or they are gonna do some surgery on him.

We gotta seriously thank the people from the AZ Conni for allowing us to post up here at the venue for the past two days thank you. We also really owe Bjoern, Thomas, and Helenia everything otherwise we would be stranded in Teplice where nothing is open, ever and we probably woudn´t be in as good of spirits as we are right now.

We just wanted to say thank you for all of the help. This is just making me feel crazy.


4 Responses to “Thanks.”

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  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Bought your record. Hope it helps. Good luck.

  3. The Blog Less Traveled Says:

    Glad you guys are alright.

  4. Just purchased the album myself. Stellar, as usual. Here’s hoping for a quick recovery.

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