Just an update

There’s been a lack of news within Gods And Queens, such seems to be how it has always been with this band. A lot of down time, then a flurry of action. Right now, I’m silently banging out emails left and right to European counterparts trying to find areas that will host us for the night on an ego driven journey. I have also spent some time with my friend George Hirsch from a band called Blacklisted. Myself, him, a tuner, 2 guitars, and his cat.

A little bit ago, my friends at Decibel Magazine once again asked me to throw my opinions around. I think they think it’s funny. Maybe it has to do with how I would send them absurd letters, or funny ads for their magazine or “custom made” test presses of my bands records. Even though I live 4 blocks from the office, the USPS was still a better choice. Aside of all of that, one day I have this fear that some fat man in a Skinless t-shirt is going to attempt to shoot me, because I talked shit one some overrated 80’s death metal band. Back to my point, some people got mad, some people think I suck, some people think I was trying to write a dissertation on my accumulated lifes work of listening to metal. (Sorry folks, Albert Mudrian already did an excellent job at that.) That’s fine, I think they are probably computer programers who can’t wait for casual Friday at work, wear those wrap around sunglasses, probably have a shaved head, have boring cream colored walls in their typical condo apartments and drive a Honda or a Toyota. Buy American you jerks. Once I wrote something for them on my current favorite Death Match Wrestlers, even then people said I was an asshole because I left off certain people. Mother fuck! I said it was “current” not all time. It’s been said before, “The internet, where everyone’s opinion is valid.” Anyway you can read what I have to say in their new weekly column called Disposable Heros. I wrote the one about Carcass.

Tonight we are playing a show with The Bouncing Souls and Tim Barry. At first I asked Kate Hiltz (K8 Is Gr8 ring a bell?) to play this because I assumed a quick “No.” would have happened but instead I got “Which day would you like to play?” Confused, I chose tonight, because I want to watch Tim Barry. Lucky for a band like us to play one of these shows, even more lucky that the FU Church is about 110 degrees at all times and people don’t want to watch opening bands in that heat. I feel like opening a show for The Bouncing Souls is like opening a show for Slayer. As I have seen the past few nights, no one cares about the opening bands. Which is fine, there’s no reason to. For some reason tonight, I am nervous to play this show. I have a new head, and my guitars haven’t been friendly towards me lately. I put new bridges on the main ones I use and my back up seems to be wanting to be played on a Glenn Branca record at the moment. It was a full moon last night, so maybe things have realigned themselves.


One Response to “Just an update”

  1. Kick ass tonight. I actually wrote Decibel an email last August, after you eviscerated the most over-rated melodic death metal band in the nameless tracks section of the magazine, about you either taking over that section of the magazine or having your own article. It’s badass that you are going to write for the magazine.

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