Random Update

Gods And Queens has been semi dormant. Not really though, we completed a small run of dates with Coliseum, Ben recorded his parts for a split 7″, and have plans slowly chugging along for another split 7″ as well. More news on that as it becomes available.

Since our (my) last real update, a few things have happened that are noteworthy. We have gotten rid of our van, and we have a record 3 drummers. Mook from War Hungry who has toured Europe with us twice is still “in” the band, on a basis that is only understood between himself and us. Although I’m not sure I understand it, it works when it’s made available to happen. Jeff Ziga of Armalite fame has done a slew of dates with us and is on board to do The Bouncing Souls, and Ed Gein shows, and Dave Cherasaro of Gholas, and my new favorite band from Philadelphia Psychic Teens has played a few shows with us as well. It seems like two drummers has become the new eyeliner, and black finger nail polish. Well, we have 3. Boredoms once had like what 77? I mean it’s hard to outdo Japanese bands, they always go overboard.

We’re in a spot where no one drummer really has the time to fully dedicate to playing in Gods And Queens as a full time venture, but everyone seems to enjoy playing for the most part. (Mook lives in San Francisco, California, Jeff just launched Little Baby’s Ice Cream, and Dave has a legit 9 to 5) Lucky for us everyone involved at this juncture is adult enough to know when to sign up and when to not push it.

That leaves us back in a position of Gods And Queens existing as two people, but not really? This has been racking my brain for some time, as pretty much every band I have ever played in since 11th grade has been a fully functioning touring band. By that I mean the lineage of bands that I have played in, no matter how big, or small have always been touring bands. Be it, Europe, America, Canada, Mexico, “my” bands have always been on tour, and if there was a position we were in where I personally couldn’t be on tour due to other band members commitments, I found myself in other peoples bands, going on tour. (Lets be honest though, no band that I have ever started from the ground up has ever become wildly popular, but I have had plenty of opportunities to see the world, make a little money playing in bands that have already been established, and “popular”. I appreciate those times in hindsight.) Gods And Queens doesn’t seem to have it in it’s cards to be able to go out 4 times a year for 6 weeks at a time. Nor do members and associates of Gods And Queens seem willing to dedicate the time, mental anguish, and financial responsibility to take on such feats. That was the biggest catalyst for getting rid of our van. Never have I had to pay out of pocket for things like van insurance for the band van. With Gods And Queens and our line up/non line up, it was a monthly expense.

Over the years I’ve pushed bands, countless vans, and the people in them (myself included) to the brink of suicide, financial ruin, nervous breakdowns, forced drug addiction, alcoholism, exhausted several AAA+ memberships and have used several roles of duct tape just to make it to the next show. At times I hated the people I played with, and those people certainly hated me. I’m alright with that. It’s my personality. I have tunnel vision and stomp on everyone and anyone’s feet to get to where I feel I need to be, but I gotta be honest it’s a lot nicer to get in the van with people who are at least civil towards each other. While I am frustrated beyond words with how this band is being run, and how it is forced to exist, I’m going to sit back, bite my tongue and let this band take it’s course. I can’t make myself crazy trying to explain to people the position we are in when everything is met with a “yeah but”.

The long short if you made it through all of that drivel is that there are millions of people who play in bands daily that never get the chance to play the next town over, let alone the next state, have a record pressed, or even crazier go to another part of the world to play music. Gods And Queens is lucky enough to have people supporting us to enable us to do all of that and even more. I can sit here and complain about how we only go to Europe twice a year, how the band moves too slow for me, how I hate that we don’t tour the US, or have a full time line up, or that it’s one excuse after another, and that’s it. Or I can appreciate that we are able to do the minor amount that we do, and I am, but I’m also saying that’s not enough for me. I’ve started a new band. See you soon.


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  1. if you ever plan to write a book and go on tour as a writer — I willing to spend all my paper on it 🙂 At least I would read it … but i enjoy John Josephs cro-magnon book as well — so maybe it doesn´t count? hahaha

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