Video: “Untitled 16” compiled by BMX videographer Ryan Navazio’s favorite filmed crashes.

I met Ryan Navazio through some other nerd friends of mine who are pushing 30 yet ride a 20″ bike. Later on, I had to baby sit him at Kung Fu Necktie while he was doing a premier for some Cult Bikes DVD he just shot. There was some fight between a bunch of little kids who all ride little kid bikes. That was honestly better than the premier… Since that night, I have talked endless amounts of shit to him, bought him a few beers, made fun of him for wearing roller blades when he films (man, he will be so bummed I just told people that), and pretty much just wind his gears. Tonight he even came to CZW Wrestling with me and he liked it. I actually really like Navaz.

I begged him over some drunken night to do this video “Come on man, it’ll be like Unsane’s video for Scape but with bikes!” He bucked up and here it is.

Riders who killed themselves in these clips are:
Brian Histand
Brian Kachinsky
Mike Brennan
Sean Burns
Tom White
Davey Watson
Eric Delary
Joe Mcintire
Dave Krone
Tony Cardona
Eric Lichtenberger
Raul Ruiz
Andy Erickson
Alex Kennedy
Dakota Roche

You can check out some of Navaz’s other work via these videos:
Standpoint video Zine
Cult “Let ’em Talk


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