Live Tape and Tapes, Tour Count Down, Tour Merch.

Gods And Queens European Tour starts in a few days. I’m honestly excited about it. I booked this tour myself, and seemed to actually do everything right for once. Which is great for us. It’s on par, which is something we’ve never been before. Ben made mention of why people use the saying “sub par”. Wouldn’t sub par actually be better than average? If you’re golfing par is used as a measuring unit. There’s below par, par, and over par. Below par, would actually be great! So wouldn’t sub par actually mean, awesome? Either way, I’m really excited about getting a ride to the airport, checking in guitars, bags, getting in the air, landing, sitting around and waiting for Gert-Jan to pick us up. All of it. I love it. I honestly do. It’s the highlight of why I still play in a band. Playing shows is the boring part.

Many months ago, I mentioned a live tape from an in store we did at Bis Aufs Messer in Berlin, Germany. We will have them available for the European tour in a few days. There’s even a Tegan & Sara cover on that sucker. I rule. That past tour looms over my head as a dark cloud of what not to do. It’s like sex without a condom. Seems like a great idea at the time, then 1 week later you’re at a clinic with a cotton swab up your urethra.

We will also have a cassette tape of EP 1, and EP 2 together to purchase. One EP per side. I will be putting these out myself. Along with that we will have the first LP/CD “Untitled 1 (LP 1)” on yellow/clear, as well as purple swirl, “Untitled 2 (EP 1)” grey, and red silk screen on either side, Live at Bis Aufs Messer cassette tape, some new t-shirts featuring the cover art of “Untitled 3 (EP 2)”, and some digital drop cards for “Untitled 3 (EP 2)” for €1. The bad news is that we are stressing getting the actual vinyl of EP 2 into our hands at the start of this tour. The Sons Of Vesta are pushing to have that happen as much as they can. Sometimes though, you can’t stand in the way of progress, business, or a band who decides to re-record everything in 1 day. Real life 1, Gods And Queens 0.

Europe see you in a few days.

United States…seen enough of you.


4 Responses to “Live Tape and Tapes, Tour Count Down, Tour Merch.”

  1. Will you be bringing copies of the acoustic cassette back with you? I want one.

  2. rob mafia Says:

    don’t get stuck on the edge of a mountain, sweetcheeks.

  3. Gods And Queens Says:

    We’re only getting 20 of them. Adagio830 only made as many as there were people at the show (80 tapes/80 people.) I’d honestly suggest hitting them up to get one. I would certainly hope we can sell 20 tapes!

  4. Are you going to put the Live cassette up on the Bandcamp page for download? It’d be nice to have on the iPod.

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