Been a bit since I gave a real update. Lack of wireless internet at my house, and an overall lack of interest has kept me away.

Last month, we started recording for and EP to be released once again by Sons Of Vesta out of Italy. This effort will cleverly be titled “EP 2”. It will have even more cleverly titled songs such as, “Untitled 14” “Untitled 15”, “Untitled 16” & “Untitled 17” (Which is actually a cover of The Big Boys “Which Way To Go”).

I’ll be putting up the Big Boys song as soon as we get the master back. Once again, Enormous Door out of Austin, Texas will be taking care of that.

Like I said before, don’t expect to hear us re-invent the wheel, or do anything groundbreaking. I mean, seriously, lets be honest. When most bands attempt to do something like that it falls so fucking flat it’s pathetic. It’s also only 4 songs. You name me one band that seriously left an impact with 4 songs, and don’t try to give me some Revelation Records horseshit 7″, because I’ll tell you this, in that time frame, I could give a fuck about Revelation Records, I was into Blackout Records. Really dirty, gross, scummy bands, who were singing about how they hated being alive, doing drugs, and robbing people on the streets. Fuck friends. All that positive engery about feelings, and unity, and lets all get along…get outt’a here. What’s more appealing listening to Side By Side yell “You’re only young once so do it right!”, or hearing Sheer Terror say “Smoking like a dragon, drowning in my flagon…” Not only were the Blackout bands more disgusted, but they also must have had access to great public libraries because my 8th grade self seriously had to go look up just what the hell “flagon” meant. I’d rather hear a band like Jeff The Brotherhood play a style of music I’ve been hearing for 25 years straight, and play it well, than hear some idiots attempting to play this tippidy-tap, hammer on, hammer off garbage that seems to be so much the rage these days, or “Chill Wave”. What an absolute horrid description for a genre of music. I mean, it’s better than “Screamo”, but hey blame Saetia for that whole mess.

Now where the hell was I…Oh! Yeah. Gods And Queens new EP. Yeah man, nothing special, I’ve never claimed our band to be anything other than what it is. We can write a decent, mid paced, depressing, noisy song. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to be, and I’m confident that I can say we’re getting closer to actually knowing what it is our band excels at…and that folks…is playing other peoples songs. Because I’ll tell you this, I can belt out a Big Boys song like no other. Wait till we decide to tackle playing Husker Du “New Day Rising” song for song.


One Response to “Update.”

  1. iacopo of vesta Says:

    holy shit..

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