RIP Nick Fetchko

My awesome friend Nick Fetchko died in a car accident last night. He was hilarious.

In any time of personal tragedy EVERYONE always says “They were the best person I ever met.” I’m not any different. Never once did he and I ever get pissed at each other, or in any altercation amongst ourselves. It was nothing but smiles, smart ass remarks, horrible jokes, and cheap laughs at everyone elses expense. When I’d pop up, back where we all grew up and we’d be in the same room, we’d ditch off to a corner and just shoot on life. We’d make plans with each other and never keep them. That’s what was cool. We didn’t need to keep plans. We were on that type of level with being cool. I couldn’t see him for 2 years, and it was still…cool.

He was also one of my only non wrestling friends who actually came and liked it. For that alone he was way cooler than the rest of my other friends. (Sorry everyone, its true.) He loved Eyehategod, Torche, Floor, Neurosis, and bands of that nature. Loved to travel, ride trails, and kick it.

He was super supportive of all of the insane ideas and projects I had. Even the really dumb ones. Probably because he wanted me to make an ass of myself so he could laugh at me. Once he heckled me at an already frustrating show, and I didn’t realize it was him, and threatened to “come down there and smack the teeth out of your mouth.” Not my finest moment but it was twice as awesome once I found out it was him who was making fun of me.

He was even growing his hair long to donate to kids with cancer. That’s how he was. He had an anchor tattooed on his finger he tried cutting out as soon as he got it. Who does that? Ha. I saw him two weeks ago at a show I was working at for Deertick. I made fun of him for being there, he made fun of me, for being me. That’s how we rolled.

I don’t believe in God, certainly not in a biblical fashion, I understand a lot of people do and if that gives you comfort for him, that’s well enough. For me, I understand within the circle of life there is birth, middle (the living of ones life), and death. The spiral of life gets bigger with each pass, yet always comes back to the begining point. Somewhere, somehow that same spiral of life will come back to the begining point for Nick Fetchko.

I can say with confidence that I’m going to miss him. I’m gonna stop being upset about this now, and be psyched that everyones telling a stupid story about him, and laughing.

Stitches are needed on this holy day, the third year of nines.

Be safe Nicholas T. Fetchko.
James Frances Getz!

Photo: Steve Crandal


5 Responses to “RIP Nick Fetchko”

  1. Many condolences.

  2. beautiful words jamie. ox.

  3. Gods And Queens Says:

    Hi Autumn,
    I stole some of your pictures to put up here.
    I don’t think you will mind.

    Crandall if you see this, I stole yours too. You owe me money. I think?

  4. andrew fetchko Says:

    Hi Jamie it andy nick’s brother I don’t really know u but i just want to let u know that I know nick loved u and he was a big fan of wrestling lol (especially thumb tack jack) he used to tell me about it… the tournament of death CZW. Just reading the words u wrote make me soo happy u hit the nail on the head that’s was nick a sarcastic asshole that loved his friends and family and was loved everyone that was just nick hence (NICK THE DICK) I know it gonna be hard for me and my family and many friends but there was soo many good times that we all need to talk about and laugh.. I remember the first deertick show we got there and it was sold out and we had no tickets nick called u and 10 min later nick Fetchko plus one was on the guest list and u weren’t even around I was messing with him saying I was nervous being around him cause he was a celebrity but that’s the times I like to remember thank u Jamie for having such great things to say about my brother it really helps

  5. good stuff Getzy

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