Still Recording, Video News

In an effort to become the 24,000,000 most popular website on the internet, I am here to provide you with more pointless information, of zero substance, pertaining to Gods And Queens.

We are still recording. I’ve never thought that 4 songs could take so god damned long to pull off. This is what happens when you go into something 100% unprepared. Today I finally got to do something other than boss other Gods And Queens members and associates around. “Play that slower. No. I said slower. And you, Ben, what you’re playing sucked. Do it all again.” For all the shit I talked, man, you better believe me, that I’ve been at home plugging away at my overdubs and “melodies” to throw under there. Wanna have a big mouth, you gotta back it up. Right now I have a loaded gun at my head with the trigger ready to be pulled, AKA I ran my mouth so now it’s put up or shut up time. Of course, I will blow everyone’s mind so I’m alright. Put two guns to my head, I ain’t scared.

Since I’m on the topic of my big mouth, and great ideas…

A while back I ran my mouth (are you noticing a trend here?) to my friend Reyes about filming BMX videos and how no feeble grind on a ledge is going to change the face of BMX, or BMX cinematography. Well, low and behold his other smart ass friend Ryan Navazio just so happens to be one of those people who can’t really ride a bike as well as others can, so he peddles around behind them filming tricks, then claims its art or something. I don’t know what the hell he does, somehow he gets other people to give him money to make these dumb DVD’s that are all going to wind up in a landfill anyway, but hey, live the dream right? Anyway…Navaz is cool enough to throw together a video for what is going to be Untitled #11, or #12. I’m not sure yet. This is where my smart idea of not having any song titles really pays off.

To the point, we’re still recording. Navaz is making a video. In the meantime here’s his Vimeo page.


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