New Gods And Queens Record(s) In The Works

We’re going to attempt to do everything right this time in preparation for this shorty of a European tour. What exactly do I mean by that you might be asking?

It means that A) I am booking this tour, and it’s going just swimmingly I tell you! (I’m actually enjoying booking it…sort of.) B) We are going to try and have our new record available in time for this tour, barring any natural disasters. I’m looking at you Eyjafjallajökull to stay under control. C) We’ll have 1 van, with hopefully no breakdowns. “A” + “B” + “C” should = “D”. “D” would be a tour where everything goes correctly for us. Although Gert-Jan will be driving us again, and last time that big dumb French Farmer almost drove us off of a cliff and killed us. How we are trusting a man who looks like this again is beyond me.

Our new record(s), (Notice how I keep saying record(s)?) will be out on Sons Of Vesta once again. Those Italians are great people, who we are glad to be working with for a second time. Also, the obviously have impeccable taste in music if they are putting out another record by our band. It will most likely be a 4 song 7″. Speaking of great tastes, not only does Berlin have some fine vegetarian restaurants, but they also are home to Adagio830 records. Adagio830 if you remember split released our first LP, and took care of everything in Europe for us. We will be doing a split 7″ with Frances, Sugartown Cabaret, that will be released on Adagio830 in the near future as well. As it stands Sugartown is already done and ready to go. As usual everyone is just waiting for us…

Also waiting on us, is the “Gods And Queens: Acoustic In Berlin” cassette that should have already been out by now. Remember that? Yeah, that’s also our fault that’s still not available. It’s on it’s way!


One Response to “New Gods And Queens Record(s) In The Works”

  1. This is fantastic. Is Robotic Empire going to get copies again?

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