Zann/Gods And Queens Trip Round UP

Met Zann in Philly, talked shit outside watched them play and afternoon show, ate a pretzel, left to set up the Young Widows/Zann/Helms Alee show for later, stressed out at the show, Ben, JR, and Zann loaded the van half assed, we re-loaded it that night, John started asking me 1,000 questions, this never stopped, had a talk about who’s sleeping where, Robert and John, ride with us, the others with Jay from Black Kites, wake up early, go to Wholefoods, wait for JR, we stop in D.C., walk around take tourist pictures of tourist things, I’ve had many girlfriends in D.C., and I’ve never seen the Whitehouse, or anything, being a tourist is actually OK, lots of walking, John wants a better picture of the Capital building, off to Richmond, haven’t been to Richmond in a few years, saw some old friends, didn’t make any new ones, learned how to open a bottle of wine with a dress shoe, thank you Johnathan Martin for that info, thank you Brandon for the shoe. Played a new place, that’s actually an old place I’ve played about 12 times in 14 years, had an OK show, not good, not bad, felt like we played odd, some members of Zann need to know exactly everything at all times, we don’t work like that, had a funny/absurd discussion about a mall, went to Mouthbreathers house, slept in the van, got up early, stole JR to go to Kuba Kuba with Witte, had a decent talk with Dave, good to see him, honest, no bullshit, Kuba Kuba is cool, Witte is cooler (I’d never tell him this in real life.), got a phone call wanting to know where we were, got back, got in the van, met the others, gave them a gps, stopped at a Wal-Mart for John, he didn’t like the Dickies there, stopped in a Starbucks, listened to Robert say hilarious things, “His girlfriend is not so ugly.”, “His girlfriend is not so pretty.”, Robert is too funny. Go back to D.C. for John to get 1 better picture, you read that right…1, after the picture John says “Thank you very much, this is good.”, we like that John appreciates us doing things like this for him, go to Ben’s Chili Bowl to eat, John is confused as to why they are rude in there, saw a fat woman cop, what the fuck is wrong with you D.C., this is your police force, get in shape pigs, got into Baltimore, loaded in, played well, really small show, sometimes this bums me out, sometimes it doesn’t, did an interview for a book, felt bad about not many people at the show, like I’m wasting Zanns time, my time, everyones time, drove back to Philly, got up way early, headed to Providence, I sort of like Providence, finally stopped at the WWE building after all these years, “I wanna talk to Wince.”, highlight of my life, John forced us to go to a beach, we stop in Mystic, “This is not good enough”, after a swim, “I am very satisfied, thank you very much.” John makes me laugh, stop to close a door in the van from wet shorts getting stuck, pull into an abandoned hotel, break into the hotel, walk around, get creeped out, shit in the woods, get into Providence, the others tell me the mall there sucks, like it’s my fault, why go to the mall if you hate all American products is beyond me, play a show, to zero people, makes me question why I still do this, really bummed out, see Ted, go back to Ted’s house, Ted and his wife Becky are great, sleep well, wake up, go the mall with the others, see Lex from Daughters, Lex looks great, glad he’s doing well, I’ve always liked Lex, I find John asking someone else 1,000 questions, go to another part of town, buy the other Zanns pizza which they complain about and make faces at, John can’t find a bag he likes, and we’re off to Easthampton, take a wrong road get stuck in crazy traffic, see an insane Flea Market that is miles and miles long, made me want to change my life, after last night…really change my life, show up, great venue, great people doing the show, great turnout, I feel really good about this show, we sell nothing, I scratch my head, go eat pizza, get back to Meghan and Wills house, nice house, big house, Germans are impressed with the house, get up super early, go back to NY, John wants “Vegetables, fake meat, potatoes and sauce…on a plate.”, I take them to Red Bamboo, John gets exactly everything he wanted, he is “Very happy about my meal.”, we go for a walk, buy some junk, get into Brooklyn, go to Food Swings, go to the Venue, play a nice show, have a good time, shake hands and say goodbyes.


One Response to “Zann/Gods And Queens Trip Round UP”

  1. you got it all wrong, we like american products a lot šŸ˜€

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