Live Cassette In The Works. New 12″ available in the U.S. at Robotic Empire

There comes a time in every bands “career” when the dreaded words “acoustic record” come out of someones mouth. That wasn’t exactly the case here with us. What will become our “acoustic record” was more of an attempt, or an act of desperation on our part to not suffer the cost of an unexpected day off on an already mentally feigning European tour.

We played an acoustic in-store, at the Bis Aufs Messer store in Berlin, Germany. Ben & I pretty much pulled this out of our asses. Robert, & Helge recorded it, mastered it, sent it over to us to check out. Even with the classical nylon stringed guitars, Ben & I think we pulled this off OK.

The end result is we are now going to provide you, or bore you with Gods And Queens “Live: Acoustic in The Bis Aufs Messer Record Store” cassette. It will only be available through the respective store, and the Bis Aufs Messer website.

Our friend Sophie Penrose from the fantastic town of Margate England will be doing the art work for this release. Here’s a sneaky peak of what she’s done thus far.

Sophie Penrose

Live: Acoustic

Details will be posted as they come.

Also, in another point of news for some of you. The Gods And Queens EP, is now made available for purchase as a 1 sided vinyl 12″ through Robotic Empire. You can order directly through their website. We, the band have no copies. Please purchase one from them by clicking anywhere on this post!


11 Responses to “Live Cassette In The Works. New 12″ available in the U.S. at Robotic Empire”

  1. Seanicus Says:

    Is the extra track on the vinyl the Quicksand cover or a b-side?

  2. Gods And Queens Says:

    b-side! ha. we don’t even have enough songs to make an a-side! it’s the quicksand cover.

  3. Seanicus Says:

    Sweet. I bought a copy a week ago. I’m looking forward to it’s arrival. You should talk Robotic Empire out of some copies for the next time you guys have a live show.

  4. Gods And Queens Says:

    we’re getting some more from Sons Of Vesta but I’m not sure when they’ll show up.

    we’re not really playing so many shows these days. September we’ll start playing again.

    where did you buy a copy from?

  5. Seanicus Says:

    Robotic Empire. They had about 30 copies a week and a half ago. They have over a 100 now, though.

  6. Seanicus Says:

    You guys should sell the Live cassette on Bandcamp. I’ve bought a digital copy of both the album and ep, as well as physical copies. With Bandcamp, you’ll actually see a little money from the digital sales, as well.

  7. we actually own the digital “rights” here in the states. it’s of no use though as we also have it up for a free download here on this site, and various other sites as well.

    if you purchase it digitally, we actually do receive the vast majority of that money. which is very little, but still a nice surprise at the end of the month.

    i just saw that Robotic got copies. hence this post!

    the live cassette, we’re gonna just leave it as that. although i will say that i’m really happy with how it came out for such a last min/unexpected thing to do. i wish we had actual “real” acoustic guitars for this though. the nylon strings kill me!

  8. Seanicus Says:

    Just got my copy in and gave it a listen. The silk-screening on the back of the record looks fantastic. Did you re-record “Head to Fall”. It sounds differently than when you put it up originally for download here on your blog some time ago.

  9. Gods And Queens Says:

    it’s the same version. just mastered.

    the old drummer robin fowler played drums on that track. we were reluctant to put it on the EP but it was there, recorded, sitting around not doing anything, and we figured why the fuck not.

  10. haven’t received the records yet? we sent ’em off like two weeks ago.
    keep me posted. i’m looking forvard to give a listen to those acoustic tunes, i’m pretty sure they’ll be as shitty as usual. ha!

  11. […] waiting on us, is the “Gods And Queens: Acoustic In Berlin” cassette that should have already been out by now. Remember that? Yeah, that’s also our fault […]

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