European Picture Post


4 Responses to “European Picture Post”

  1. hey dudes! it’s chris from weak teeth. We’re touring in July and were supposed to play bethlehem on July 12th, but Chris Regec just had to cancel our show cos there’s a lot of shit going on that week. Any chance you guys would want to/be able to set something up for us? if not it’s totally cool. but let me know! Also, I have a feeling that this isn’t the best way to contact you guys about stuff, so what is? talk to you soon!


    • Gods And Queens Says:

      dumbest way to get in touch with us. ha. i can’t help you man, not that quick. not in philly, i would have kicked you up towards reject as well. philly is like pulling the teeth out of your own mouth for small bands.

  2. Curious Party Says:

    did you seriously berate some dude for texting during your set?

    • Gods And Queens Says:

      Yes & no.

      A room of 342 people & 1 person has their phone in front of their face the entire time, gets a little tired to look at.

      While you can say “maybe he was teling people about your band” or “if you can’t take someone texting while your band was playing you should get over it, maybe he didn’t like your band.” Both are fine & justified things to say.

      To that I have to say, if you like(d) our band you should step to the side to do that, it’s rude & very annoying to other people around you as well as the band. If you don’t see a problem with this, you are probably the type of person who talks at full volume while you’re in a movie theater, or let’s everyone know about your conversation while sitting next to you on the train.

      If you don’t like our band & you were texting, “this band fucking sucks.” Then you are twice as dumb, as it was 100+ degrees in that place & why would you be standing so close to the stage?

      So yes, I made it a point to say something. Why? Simply because I can. More often than not our band is full of jokes, & good times. Some nights I just don’t feel like being “dance monkey, entertain me” show. Which is exactly what was the overall feeling this night.
      To be blunt, some nights I just don’t give a fuck or feel like hearing about anything from anyone. This was one of those nights.

      Want to heckle our band, that’s fine too. But expect it right back. If you can dish it, you should be able to take it.

      Also, I can’t understand why anyone gives a fuck about this. “Oh my god, a member of a band was a jerk to an audience member!” Breaking news..

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