I do shows time to time, TODAY TORCHE HOUSE SHOW.

yeah yeah, i book shows when i want to for bands i like or bands i think i will make some money off of. why lie?

today SUNDAY MAY 30TH at 4 PM $8.00 i am doing a house show for the awesome band TORCHE. yup, TORCHE in a house.

ENGINEER – best heavy band from the past 10 years from syracuse
TOWERS – best band out of philly, like a heavy Deadguy
TORCHE – worst band i’ve ever heard

4 p.m. $8.00 at the house in west philly that paint it black once played at. don’t know where that is? use google and figure it out.

this will be hot and sweaty. if i hear anyone of you complain about heat, i will kick you out of this show faster than i took your money at the door.
your pal,


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