European wrap up.

beat a window of time escaping a volcanic cloud over england to make it to germany, fell asleep for hours on a bench in dusseldorf, got picked up by a friend i haven’t seen in a year, stopped to buy weed in amsterdam, woke up in the red light district in antwerp belgium, watched ben start a riot by taking pictures of hookers in a window, woke up in the red light district in antwerp belgium, van broke down on the way to utrecht holland, slept in the same freezing squat as last year in utrecht holland, got our van towed by a rope and a mini van to a dealer ship, got a new van 5 hours later, drove to groningen holland, had an awesome time in vera, best venue, best people on earth, drank a lot in groningen, drove back to gent belgium, drank beers while the others smoked weed for 3 straight nights at a canal in gent, gent was great, sat in traffic on our way to paris, played with awesome bands in paris, went to a famous graveyard where oscar wilde, chopin, jim morrison and others are dead, met great people in paris, drove to aachen germany, hung with good friends, smoked something crazy here, went to a german version of making time, don’t have fun in philly at making time, why would i have fun in aachen at fake making time, couldn’t wait to leave aachen, drove 50 min, to solingen germany, played my guitar as loud as it goes in solingen germany, stared at myself in a mirror for hours in solingen wondering what the hell i am doing with my life, criss crossed back across belgium to go to lille france, played an awkward show in lille, woke at at 6 a.m., to leave to get a ferry into england, stressed getting into england, lied my face off, got into england, drove to liecester england, same club, same promoter, same pizza, worse turnout, woke up freezing cold, left freezing cold, drove to london england, met awesome people at the crobar, drank my fill before we played, got told to turn down by several people during sound check, i turned up, played an awesome show, drank more, hung with awesome friends, watched people do coke then fall asleep as soon as the dollar bill was out of their nose, found mook at a train station drunk in the morning, i want to move here, drove to manchester england, again great people great everything, great food co-op called the unicorn down the street from the house we played in, ate, hung, played, drank all before 8 p.m., stayed up late playing guitars with ben, depressed on the way to edinburgh scottland because of the soundtrack of jason molina solo records, & bruce springsteens nebraska in my headphones, scottland is crazy rolling hills, and lush green everything, met chillest people ever, everyone who’s house we go to to buy drugs for mook is exactly the same, talk the same, have the same pictures, roll joints the same, and all have long hair, watched people snort speed, played with great bands, had a great night, surrounded by great people, ace time, sad to leave edinburgh to drive back down to leeds england, played the worse show turn out wise our band has ever played ever, worse turn out for any band i’ve ever played in ever, couldnt wait to leave leeds, woke up, back in london, again, with different cool people, watched a mess unfold before my eyes, getting ready to leave to go to margate england, then back to paris france, i feel like i’ve been here for years, ate pizza in paris, left to drive back to belgium to pick up a new amp, a matamp, drove back into france to nantes, bought every person at the show a beer with my own money, what a stupid idea that was, met iacopo, iacopo is nice, got to poitiers france, couldn’t wait to leave poitiers france, got to periguex, walked all over, they tried to feed me a duck, duck must be vegetarian in france, had an incredible show here, can not wait to come back, almost died on the way to chardente, built a road out of sticks, twigs, rocks, and mud, played an insane show in a town of 87 people, couldn’t get a farmer to pull the van out of the ditch because they milk cows until 9, got a crane to get us out instead, buried my face in a pillow and turned my headphones up to stop the sounds and sights of going over another cliff on the way back down a mountain, stressed out for 10 hours on the way into firenze italy, met our “booking agent”, had an interesting talk, played an ok show, cant wait to see if the “booking agent” lives up to his word or if it will be another of many lies, drank espresso gelatos, was wired in the van on the way to pivka, slovenia, i love slovenia, ate a deep fried flower, drank beer with men who looked like boulders from bosnia, and kosovo, they showed me their $5.00 tattoos, i showed them my $500.00 tattoos, they didnt notice a difference, left for lubjiana at 11 a.m., men who looked like boulders were still drinking at the same bar, got our laundry done by a woman who has a pig in her apartment, the pig tried to eat my book bag, walked everywhere in lubjiana, played one of the best shows of the tour in lubjiana, sadly we had to leave semi early, got to vienna austria, hitler once lived here, hung out with awesome people, went to see merzbow, bens acoustic show in the apartment alone was much better, woke up early, arrived late in dressden germany, last time dressden was silent, this time it was silent but with more people, last time was silent with no one buying anything, this time was silent with everyone buying something, got up at 7 a.m. to go to copenhagen, hung with good people, saw funny things, got chased by a homeless refugee for standing on “her” rock, left copenhagen at 7 a.m. to go back into germany, go to berlin, arrive at bis aufs messer, robert promptly tells me i smell, learn our entire set on classical acoustic guitars, get really nervous, play an acoustic show, have a great time at the acoustic show, we will play more acoustic shows, go to the kopi, the kopi is intense, get home at 3 a.m., throw up in my mouth, collect money because we have been lied to about every show of the tour by our “booking agent”, ben is forced to call his parents and get money wired to him, tour is almost over, one show to go, in berlin again tonight, back to dusseldorf airport tomorrow, have to find a job once i get home, spent every penny i owned on this tour, not excited about that at all in any way shape or form, do not ever trust persil booking, never will trust persil booking again, have no idea how i am getting home from jfk airport, worry about that when i get there. – jamie


One Response to “European wrap up.”

  1. rob mafia Says:

    this reminded me of the europe scene in “rules of attraction”

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