Europe Thus Far.

Everyone always seems to read what I write and they think that I am miserable. They are right. I’m not a very happy person, nor am I full of energy, and youthful optimism. I am very realistic of things. A lot of the time, people like to be lied to, and want to think of things how they want to see them versus the reality of the situation.

This tour as of right now is very 50/50. I appreciate all of the work people have done by allowing us to play in their cities and towns, but there are always the exceptions. The exceptions are the ones that stick in my head and I brood over, and curse them all to hell on a minute by minute basis. The good ones are the ones that I will email nice emails when I get home. We’ll leave it at that.

Good thing I don’t have a job or anything because we’re really raking the money in on this tour!


One Response to “Europe Thus Far.”

  1. Jamie, what happened to my front door key? Are you planning a burglary?

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