Volcano Watch part 3.

We are at JFK all checked in & our flight seems to be on time. Aimée is driving our van back to my parents, then she’s driving back to Philly, & then she’ll be driving back to N.C. for some Des Ark shows. Trooper.

Found out our driver Gert-jan did a show for us last time. He was a total goof, this will be cool. The show in Alborg seems to have fallen apart, which I wasn’t made aware of until I emailed for the information for the show. Beat. On the flip, I booked us a show in Berlin through the awesome Robert Schultz of Zann/Bis Aufs Messer/Adagio830. It will be an instore, & we will be playing a quiet show. This will be interesting. Maybe I can finally start my solo carreer…sike!


One Response to “Volcano Watch part 3.”

  1. Hi guys,

    Donny here from Midnight Souls, we’re playing together with you guys in Ghent. First off, awesome that you guys were able to come over with all the volcano stuff.

    I was wondering if it was ok for us to play on your backline, since that makes things easier for us. We have do drive quite a distance for this show and this way we wouldn’t have to drive with 4 cars.

    you can contact us at : wearemidnightsouls@hotmail.com

    thx in advance


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