Volcano Watch 2010

Chances are most American citizens are feeling little to no effect of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Hell, most of my neighborhood was more concerned about our block burning down this morning due to our insane neighbor cooking meth in his kitchen…I on the other hand would have accepted it as par for the course.

Up to this point there is little to no news of our flight being able to take of, or if it’s been grounded. I check CNN every half hour, I’ve called the airlines regularly. Mother Nature is a beast!


2 Responses to “Volcano Watch 2010”

  1. Schuyler Says:

    Question that popped into my head not related to this post: Who will be distributing the US copies of the new EP?

    • Gods And Queens Says:

      Dunno. Robotic Empire will have some for sure. No Idea may get them in as well. It’s probably gonna be $ since it’ll actually be a true “import” per say. There’s only 500 I think, so I’d hope they go fast. We’ll see!

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