2010 European Tour

Here are the current dates for our European tour starting in a few days.

16 Bethlehem, PA – Secret Art Space w/ Towers
17 Baltimore, MD – Charm City Art Space w/ Philly Invades Baltimore Fest (Towers, 1994!, Snowing, Algernon Cadwallader, more)
18 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie w/ Towers, 1994!, Best Friends)
23 Utrecht, The Netherlands – ACU
24 Groningen, The Netherlands – Vera (Downstage)
25 Geissen, Germany – AK44
26 Gent, Belgium – De Barbaar
29 Paris, France – La Jarry
30 Aachen, Germany – AZ
1 Solingen, Germany – Cobra
3 Leicester, England – Criterion
4 London, England – The Crobar *free show*
6 Edinburgh, Scottland – Bannermans
7 Leeds, England – The Cardigan Arms
8 Tunbridge Wells, England – The Fourm
9 Margate, England – The Practice Room
10 Le Harve, France – La Cabraret Electric
11 Montagiu (Nantes) France – Le Floride
12 Poitiers, France – Les Bacchantes
13 Periguex, France – Le Bartola
14 Bordeaux, France – Le Cave Belge
15 Firenze, Italy – K100
17 Ljubljana, Slovenia – Tovarna Rog
18 Vienna, Austria – Tuwi
19 Dresden, Germany – AZ Conni
20 Copenhagen, Denmark – Lades Kaelder
21 Alborg, Denmark – 1000 Fryd
22 Berlin, Germany – Schokoladen


10 Responses to “2010 European Tour”

  1. Mark Galvan Says:

    any plans on coming to Texas ever?

    • Gods And Queens Says:

      I’d love to. We’re sort of in a re-building of sorts. Last year we had Europe, US tours booked back to back, but with our drummer breaking his foot we had to cancel the US portion. In the months between then and now, we really didn’t exist as a band, didn’t practice, didn’t do much, at that point it became clear that, that line up of the band wasn’t going to work. We had to find a new drummer, get ready with him, and we recorded this new EP, and now we are basically starting over. So we will see how it goes. Maybe this fall we will make it down, now that we are a functioning band!

      • Mark Galvan Says:

        Awesome. I still have fond memories of LickGoldenSky in Victoria, tx playing for 20 people

      • Gods And Queens Says:

        victoria…hmmm was that in some really strange place and a kid named evil richie did the show?

      • Mark Galvan Says:

        Yep that is correct. Sun Valley Ranch and Evil Richie.

    • was so nice to meet you guys.
      hope you had a good time.we´re looking forward to see you again.
      with desperados and whiskey-cola 😉
      greetz tine+jasmine

  2. wallernotweller Says:

    will be there to see you in Margate chaps. Very exited to see you are coming to town.

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