Calling Europe we need some help!

Hello readers of this blog. If you live in or on mainland Europe or in the United Kingdom and want to help our band out, we would love it! We’re stuck with a few days that we can’t find shows on. Any help at all would be really appreciated! Anyone you think you can point us towards or anything of that nature, we would love that.

These are the dates we are in need of help.
We could really use some help in these following places, dates.
April 26th Germany/Belgium?
April 28th Northern France?
May 2nd UK
May 5th Anywhere near London in the UK
May 14th France or Italy

If you can help out, that’s awesome! Please email me at jamiegetz(at)


One Response to “Calling Europe we need some help!”

  1. hi,
    maybe try these “clubs” in germany:
    bastard club-osnabrück
    bahnhof langendreer-bochum
    i have no connection to any of these locations but they are all very nice clubs with very good shows….
    for their websites ask god google
    i hope you ll find something.
    see you in solingen

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