New song for you to download.

Here’s a mastered version of a new song off of our new EP.  It will be available sometime in April, right in time for our European tour.

That’s only one of those 7 days or 100 DL links, and I’m too busy watching wrestling to ever really pay attention to when it’s reached the limit, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!

PS I also put this up now for streaming/dl via the stupid



3 Responses to “New song for you to download.”

  1. Chuck Maier Says:

    Hey guys, I’m a kid from CT living in Germany, I used to roadie for Wrench in the Works.I saw that you guys are going to tour in Europe, and wanted to let you guys know You can stay at my place if you need/ want to. I live right outside of Frankfurt. just let me know,

  2. good song!

    your guys twitter feed is pretty rad too.

  3. This is great.

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