Fuck the band…More of me and wrestling!

Jesus.  A while ago like last year I got to do a “post” on the Decibel Magazine web site all about wrestling.  Albert, Mark & Co. mentioned that it got a large majority of traffic.  Then I go and post up the best wrestling interaction ever, and that video has generated the most hits that Gods And Queens has ever gotten on this page.  More than the Quicksand cover.

Thus, my conclusion is that everyone secretly likes wrestling!  I ain’t talkin’ about no WWE horseshit either.  I’m strictly talking hardcore, ultra-violent, death match wrestling.  From the time I wake up, until I have to be “working” at some crappy show, for some underachieving band, I am watching death matches on Youtube.

Here are some pictures of myself, my friend Alex (he got to hit a wrestler (DJ Hyde) in the face with a chair once, and he’s my p.i.c. in the wrestling game), Alex’s girlfriend Dee, and my friend John.  These were taken at last summer’s Tournament Of Death 8.  Nick Gage almost died that year.  He’s the bloody man in the Chicago Bulls jersey.


Dee, Drake Younger, Dysfunction, myself!


Myself, Nick Fuckin' Gage, Alex.


Myself, Nick Fuckin' Gage, John.


Alex, Nick Fuckin' Gage, Dee.

This is the accident that happened at TOD 8 with Nick Gage.  Those are light tubes, one didn’t break correctly and it went up, into his armpit and severed an artery.  Watch the blood POUR out of his armpit when he hits the ground.

This was the aftermath.

Finally for this post, just watch this shit.  Watch for the spot of hypodermic needles in the arms, and through the face!

If you’ve made it this far, we do have a new record coming out very soon.  It’s being mastered this week!


One Response to “Fuck the band…More of me and wrestling!”

  1. Just wanted to say that Quicksand cover is fucking dead on.

    Stoked for the new record,

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