I am famous!

This is what happens when 16 inches of snow fall in Philadelphia,  you’re alone with Youtube, and you’ve got too much time on your hands.   Last Feb. 2009, at the (EWC) Arena our collective group would not shut up, along with the rabble rousing my personal hatred of Blk Out was at an all time high (so was my drinking!).   Blk Out along with Robbie Marino  stopped everything to yell at us.  After 2 minutes of insults and my big mouth just screaming “fuck you” over and over again, as well as a “Rob-z-weiner”  chant (good job Sean!), Robbie and crew got shut down by the real boss.

I’m pretty god damned sure that they all really loved the heat from our section that night.  I did!


6 Responses to “I am famous!”

  1. ralph planks Says:

    dude…unbelievable. i just pissed myself. when we come over, we gotta go to that shit. hilarious!!!

    • godsandqueens Says:

      god dude there is more. i just gotta find it!

      • ralph planks Says:

        please…more! can’t wait! watched it like 10times. you “performance” is really physical. the way you throw your arms, incredible and that heartfelt “fuck yyyyoooouuu”. i think you really were too much to handle for that dude.

  2. hahaha. that was awesome.

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