It’s the middle of winter here in Philadelphia, and total lethargic boredom has set it.  I’ve been waking up relatively early (for me at least) but just sitting in my bed with the TV off, just looking at all the useless junk I’ve acquired over my years of being alive.  Most of it I don’t need.  Most of it I will leave on a curb for someone else to claim.  I have a lot of wires, and plugs, stuffed into 1 outlet.  One day,  it’ll burn the house down but I will be too unimpressed with the heat and size of flames to get out of bed.   All of this useless crap will be melted into a pile of hot plastic.

We’ve been attempting to get some “field recordings” for our new EP.  Field recordings?  I just call it, “a bunch of noise”.  The major player in helping achieve this has been the advance in cell phones.  JR and Ben have been recording things on their respective devices, creating MP3’s and sending files.  It’s pretty amazing.  I think I am just very old.  My phone kind of works.  I have no reasoning to  get a new one.  I am amazed at simple things.  I am a simple machine.    I don’t need  new gadgets, application, fancy products or things of that nature.  Sometimes I feel like my lack of need, or want of those things leaves me ignorant to modern society, and hinders my communication with a vast majority of people I interact with on a daily basis.


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