Record Finished

I got over my depression of thinking I can’t sing, nor play my guitar today.  I walked in and belted out a few vocal takes and felt like a junior varsity champion in the freezing barn that doubled as the studio.

If I could have figured out how how to stop my toes from feeling frost bitten, that would have helped.  I’m convinced that happens because your feet sweat from too many layers, or too warm of socks mixed with your body heat, then they sweat/get wet, and mix with the cold air… hence the freezing process.  Our friend Aimee strongly disagrees with that statement.  This is also the same woman who came in and took her sweater off claiming it was too hot, only to stand in front of the heater the rest of the day.  She played some guitar lines, and sang a bunch as well.  I am very pleased with the results of all of this.  Aimee also plays in a band called Des Ark, who I find very appealing to my ear.

Jared is going to mix this in a day or two and I’m going to send it off to Jack Control by the end of the week to be mastered down at his place in Austin.  Then it’s off to Sons Of Vesta in Italy to be pressed in time for the tour.  We’ll pick a song off of it and probably put it up here for download once it’s mastered as well.


2 Responses to “Record Finished”

  1. boogieWoogie Says:

    Talk a bit about the recording experience. Where’d you record? Who recorded it? Who’s Jared?

  2. godsandqueens Says:

    Uhm, it was freezing cold. We breathed in kerosene. Ben got a lot of Starbucks coffee. We recorded in a barn, in Northampton Pennsylvania. Jared is the man who recorded it, and also played drums on 1 song.

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