New things, no new shirts.

Our first trip with JR was great.  Thank you to Pelican, & Black Cobra.  Providence was really good as well as Bethlehem, and Philly.

We have gone and decided to gather up some dates to start to record for the Sons Of Vesta record that will hopefully be out in time for our next Euro tour.  Between now and then, there’s a great band from Philadelphia, that just put out a new record, and they will be doing a tour come March that we will hopefully be part of.

T-shirts, we still have some kicking around, and I hate them.  I don’t want to make them anymore.  I think it’s stupid.  Then again, we have 1 out of print record available, and it costs about $15.00, so, brand new band with an out of print record that doesn’t want to sell t-shirts…we never said we were in the money management game.


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