Back to Europe, new record detail(s).

It’s that time again where, our band skips doing anything of substance in the USA, and we jump ship straight to Europe.  We’ll be heading back there in April, to May.  The tour is being booked by Persil Booking, from Italy.  If you’re interested at all, you can contact Mike via these fancy methods.

Persil Booking
Via delle catene 15
56017 San Giuliano Terme (PI)

Tel        +39 334 23 313 69

In conjunction with this we’re planning on doing a Euro release with our new friends from Son Of Vesta  (

Not sure what the format is really gonna be, but watch this…it’ll at least be a 7″, and nothing more than an LP.  How’s that for information?

We also have a new US deal kind of in the works, just hammering out some details and we’ll get that up here too.


One Response to “Back to Europe, new record detail(s).”

  1. Don’t know if you’ve been in Sweden but it would be awesome if you could have a gig here.

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