New Drummer & throat problems.

It’s Saturday morning, and my friend is letting me borrow her Mac, it’s slow and it drove me insane so I spent the entire morning clearing up disc space.  I watched this movie with Robin Williams in it, it was awful.  Now I’m watching Children Of The Corn IV.  What a load of shit.  Just what the hell was Naomi Watts thinking?  Remember how creepy and fantastic the first one was?  Why’s Hollywood gotta go screw everything up.  I mean Leprechaun, that shit was golden.

To the point of this whole post.  First order of news, my throat is fucking FUCKED.  Like no one knows just what the mother fuck is going on with it.  First they were like “Oh, cancer”, which I honestly was like, “Whatever, that’s cool, big deal.”  I’m a weirdo about shit like that, without stirring up the pot here I totally believe in stress as a key element as to why things happen to your body.  Cancer spreads due to stress, HIV becomes AIDS due to stress, so on and so forth.  Like I said this is my personal shit, so whatever, take it as you may.  I just didn’t stress.  I felt better because I actually went to the Dr. about it, and maybe it was some sort of placebo effect or some shit like that but I felt OK about it.  Then, I go back and these assholes, (not assholes, they were actually really cool, and dealt with all my stupid questions, and my Crass t-shirt) shove a microscope with a light and laser thing on it up my nose down into my throat.  (Side note: when I was younger I broke my nose like a million times.  I don’t know man, my face just liked running into things.  They wouldn’t fix it because I was so young, now I’m paying the price.)  So this shit goes up my nose right, and there’s like cartilage stuck in my nose and he’s gotta jam this shit in there, fucking KILLED me.  They tell me that they can see and there’s some fucked up lump/torn muscle/swelling in my throat.  Up to now it hasn’t really fucked up my life but I’m starting to just get fucking pissed about the lack of information about this.  I’ve been there like 3 times now.  I talked with my friend Aimee last night (who plays in a killer fucking band called Des Ark, who you should all know.)  She gave me a name to a new Dr. who helped her and her mom, so I’m gonna hit that up this week.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because I haven’t tried to sing since our last show August 2nd.  Why was it out last show?  Because we were getting a new drummer.  Why a new drummer?  Robin just couldn’t commit to going on tour, with work, life, etc.  That’s it, no drama.  Ben and I go together and did some work with other people, now we’re all good.  These shows coming up are going to be very interesting.  Not knowing how my stupid throat will hold up, and having a new captain of our collective ship.  Our new drummers name is JR, he plays in a band out of Philadelphia called Snowing.  We tried him out and honestly he nailed every song we gave him on the first try.  It was one of those things where we kind of looked at him and it was cool.  I am a serious asshole when it comes to trying people out.  I try not to look at them or anything because I want them to own up to their spot, and he did!  I’m pretty excited about this.  Everything is finally coming together…finally.


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  1. well, at least it’s not dick cancer…

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