Pelcian shows, random news, etc.

Hey, we haven’t done anything in a while.  Seems to be par for the course with this band at the moment, and I’m not really into that.  To remedy this, we just got hooked up with a few shows with the band Pelican.  Black Cobra will also be on these shows.  Around March of this year we got asked to do a US tour with them we had to painfully turn down, (we already had Europe booked.)  So I gotta say thanks to those guys for going out on a limb and offering us a spot on a few shows.  And I do mean, only a few.  2 to be exact!  (Why we’re not on the Philly show boggles my mind, but hey beggars can’t be choosers right?)

In conjunction with these dates we’re going to do a few on the way out to meet up with Pelican, & Black Cobra, and we’re going to do a few to get back home.  Since our US tour was botched this summer, we haven’t done a damn thing over here as far as playing shows goes, we gotta make up for some lost time.  I’ll post those as soon as I get some confirmations!

Here are the two dates with Pelican, and Black Cobra.

11/28 Detroit, MI @ The Shelter w / Pelican & Black Cobra
11/29 Buffalo, NY @ The Soundlab w/ Pelican & Black Cobra

See y’all finally on the vast lost highways in the not so distant future.



One Response to “Pelcian shows, random news, etc.”

  1. Yo Dude. Two shows? What kinda shit is that?

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