Quicksand’s “Head To Wall” by Gods And Queens

Last weekend we decided to record a cove of Quicksand’s “Head To Wall”.  We had a good time doing it.  Why?  Pretty much because we can, and we felt like it.  No one in our band really listens to the same thing, Robin thinks we’re not a punk band or that we don’t have a  heavy mid 90’s D.C. vibe to our songs, Ben would be totally content to listen to The Buzzcocks, and Stiff Little Fingers the rest of his life, I’m still all over the place with what I like to listen to.  The one band that we all pretty much agree on is Quicksand.

I’ve probably listened to Slip more in my life than any other record I’ve ever owned.  (Maybe not as much as Sheer Terror’s “Just Can’t Hate Enough” but damn close.)  To be honest I probably wouldn’t have learned how to play the guitar if it wasn’t for them, and a few other bands.  (What’s up Ministry and Godflesh!)  I still remember the first time I saw Quicksand too, it was at the Unisound in Reading, PA.  I think Shelter may have played, and Walter was still just singing, they were a 5 piece band.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the EP they said they were putting out.  I even listen to the Hypno Jam With Dan like 70,000 times when I finally got it.  For whatever reason this band has stuck with me, and it always sounds fresh to me.  Not the most intricate music ever laid down and it didn’t have to be.

Without all the fan boy gushing (don’t sue us guys) here’s our version of “Head To Wall”, and yes, I know I screwed up the 2nd verse.  That’s why this is a “rough” version.  It wasn’t finished but it already started to make the internet rounds so we’ve decided to just go ahead and post it here.  Who knows, maybe we’ll cover the entire record at some point..



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