Demo Songs: Robotic Obscurities

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Gods And Queens 2008 Demo’s

Andy from Robotic Empire has been going crazy this morning because his next door neighbors kid has been up screaming and crying all night. In his insomnia, he started fishing through old hard drives. Old hard drives are the new record collection. He found a bunch of stuff that I certainly don’t have nor remember specific recording details. The one version sounds good though! Wish we used it.


Final two songs to be released.

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I’m going release the last two songs that Gods And Queens recorded. They will be made available in the next few weeks via the Bandcamp page for $.99, or they will be emailed to you for free if you donated your hard earned money towards us, during our accident in the Czech.

The songs were recorded by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage in Philadelphia PA, February of 2011.
The line up of the band during the recording was:
Jamie Getz – Guitar/Vocals
Ben Roysdon – Bass
Matt “Tank” Bergman – Drums

Jamie Getz, Abdullah Kobayashi 2012

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Jamie Getz, Abdullah Kobayashi 2012

Jamie Getz, Abdullah Kobayashi 2012

3/27 Last Show.

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I think we’re going to call it a day and pack it in with Gods And Queens. Ben and I have had a great run of being in a band together, but our inability to keep a drummer, write new songs, and the constant string of bad luck that has loomed over this band has taken it’s toll on me. We’re not going to lie, the accident really put a damper on spirits within this band.

I love the aspect of getting to travel all over the world but four weeks a year twice a year isn’t enough for me, nor is it worth the mental exhaustion that goes into putting it together. I simply don’t have fun anymore. And that’s the end of that!

I think this band has been jinxed from the get go. Instead of patching holes in a boat to keep it afloat I’d rather just start something fresh and leave the baggage behind.

March 27th will be our last show at Kungfu Neck Tie with Grant Hart of Husker Du. 8 p.m. $10 21+.


Minor news, 1 show.

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We’re in a strange spot once again of not knowing what we are doing. Our pedals are still in Europe and we have zero communication with the person with them, not the end of the world but annoying and yet another bill to add onto the mess of what was that tour. The final kick in the balls I guess. We’re not sure if we’re breaking up, or if we’re going to do a proper LP and finally do a U.S. tour. Such drastic measures. All in all we’re just a punk band.

In other news, I’m super hyped to announce this show we’re playing on March 27th at Kungfu Neck Tie in Philadelphia with Grant Hart of Husker Du. If you know our band, you know I’m hyped.
Here’s your Facebook Events page if you’re interested in the information.

Here is the flyer.

Grant Hart 3/27 KFN

Weekend of shows

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This weekend we are playing some shows. I honestly forgot to post the ones we played last weekend.

2/17 Sire Records in Doylestown PA w/ Creepoid, Psychich Teens
2/18 Handy Street in New Brunswick NJ w/ Torchebearer
2/19 Wind Up Space in Baltimore MD w/ tba


New Feb Shows

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Just threw up some shows for Feb. Including our first show “back” at Beautiful World Syndicate Records. It’s with our friends in Creepoid, and it’s FREE.